Wednesday, March 09, 2011

10 miles of rain, snow, ice, slush and puddles

You know when you're a kid, jumping in puddles always seemed like a good idea. The thing about it, is you can make a big splash, and your rubber boots would keep your feet nice and dry.

Today, I stepped in enough puddles, so much so that I thought there was actual water accumulating inside my shoes. How many puddles, you ask?

No, not half a dozen or even 30 puddles. Ten miles -- 16 freaking kilometres -- of slush.

The forecast didn't look too promising. Snow, then rain, then snow. On my way home from work, it was slush mixed with ice and water.

So I put on my 'water resistant' Asics running shoes with spikes. Yeah right about the water resistant. Within a hundred metres, my feet were soaked. And it never stopped. I would try to run on what seemed like dry ground, but it was nothing but water with a thin layer of wet snow on top. Actually, I was running on slush.

And it would be acceptable that there would be a pile of slush here and there that I could avoid by veering to the left or right (or jump over), but every surface was slush.

Which mean every footstep caused a splash of freezing cold slush that my other foot, on its way down, would catch the spray.

Ten miles of that.

Funny, then, that early on in the run, about 2 miles in, I actually thought about turning back after 3 miles to do 6. No, I was stubborn. I wanted to do 10. But then I didn't realize that the wind was at my back, and I'd have to run against this weather on the way back.


Anyways, all I could think about during this run was the following
-Wow, this really @#$#@ sucks. Oh, there's another runner. Wave at them
-Um, maybe I should have put bandaids on those nips, my clothes were that soaked
-Man, I'm glad Sunday's race was a sunny day in May compared with this.
-If I run fast enough, my feet will warm, therefore warming the frozen water that's inside my shoe
-Marathoners are stupid sometimes

But I did get my 10 miler in. That's pretty good.


Marlene said...

I can definitely commisserate with you on yesterday's run! What a MESS! I guess we lucked out with Sunday's weather afterall...

Patrick said...

Sounds like my run today. It snowed in the morning then rained the rest of the day. My run home was a mess!

EndorphinBuzz said...

I am amazed at your determination. Good work getting out there!