Sunday, April 12, 2009

And now, back to training

I was just looking over my training logs for the mileage I've lost to my cold/flu in the past month. It was pretty bad, one of the longer bouts of sickness I've had in the middle of marathon training

March 2 - March 8: 43 miles
March 9 - March 15: 20 miles (first cold, took four days off, then probably came back too soon, raced 5K)
March 16 - March 22: 15 miles (second cold, ran two days)
March 23 - March 29: 32 miles (felt blah for most of the week but able to run 30K race while still weak)
March 30 to April 5: 50 miles (cold just about gone, did two races on one day, then a 20 miler the day after)
April 5 to April 12: 46 miles (some muscle soreness early in the week but by last three days, feeling close to normal)

So now I have one more week of hard training before the taper. I've lost out on a month of quality work but at least my mileage is back to normal. The four races in a month in the end will have to do for pacer and tempo work. That will do.

Next week, a few challenging runs plus a 20 miler on the weekend. I'll be in DC so I may do the 20 miler on Saturday so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend with R. Then, the taper arrives.


Melanie said...

safe travels to DC! Still some great mileage while being sick... but better then than for your marathon! Knock on wood :D

Marlene said...

Hard to believe a stinkin' cold could throw such a wrench into your training. You still ran some serious mileage. Good luck with this last week pre-taper!

yumke said...

Hey, thanks guys. The week is going well, so I'm hoping i'm finally back in shape...