Friday, October 07, 2011

Chicago redux (2.0)

2006: Holy crap, first marathon
2011: Um, how much of this ibuprofen cream can I slather on my heel?

2006: Can't wait to hit the expo, gonna buy maybe a jacket
2011: Yes to jacket. Yes to hat. Yes to whatever you want me to buy.

2006: Deep Dish Pizza!
2011: Where can I find a bagel, banana and peanut butter.

2006: Packing a long sleeve in case it gets cold (it got cold)
2011: Unpacking my long sleeve cause it'll get warm

2006: My buddies Jelly, Frankie and I are all geared up, trained, ready to go!
2011: We've ran. A lot sometimes. Sometimes not. We'll line up

2006: 3:20 or bust! (Ended up with 3:35)
2011: Lets see how I feel marathon morning

2006: Excited!
2011: Still excited, though will stop short of putting a slammer at the end.

Marathon No. 16, here we come.

P.S.: Holy frak, it's the Chicago Marathon! This is gonna be insane(!) <- slammer


Laura said...

Have a great race and fantastic experience #2

Patrick said...

Good luck!

marie said...

Have a great time!

Marky Mark said...

Have fun and take in the Purple Pig if you can!

Anonymous said...

Think cool thoughts!

Or at least think of the cool beer at the finish. ;)