Sunday, January 27, 2013


I don't typically run with my phone in the summer -- too bulky. In the winter, I do pack it in as I have plenty of pockets to stuff the iPhone in. For years, my iPhone 3GS has been accompanying me, and its camera has been only so-so.

The new phone takes pretty decent pictures and all the better, because as a 99.99% outside runner (I can probably only remember five treadmill runs in the past nine years) I'm treated to some gorgeous views of my daily trails. Sun, lake and winter equals a lot of great opportunities to grab some great shots.

Feel really fortunate to live on the water, in fact it was almost exactly 10 years to the day when I moved down here. In that decade, the trail has called me out, made me a long distance runner. And who can resist?

Ran 44 miles this week and I'm feeling like I'm in a good place, only eight more weeks until Around the Bay. March comes faster than you think.

Here are some shots I've taken in the past week.

This morning at the 9.7K mark of my 22K long run. Breathtaking.

Friday evening after a snowfall. There's a filter on it. There's a big spotlight that sends a big beam at a dog park. Barely does the job but makes the tree look eerie.

The same said light as I'm approaching the park. This is one kilometre from my front door.

Only 2.5K from my front door, I look back at downtown Toronto. Stood in front of a green light for the shadow.

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