Saturday, December 29, 2012


We take solace in the numbers, us runners. How many miles did we run, how many minutes did we hit the roads, how many runs did we fit in this week, how many miles did we log as we wind down the year?

This afternoon, I took a few minutes to upload my runs on Daily Mile. I resynched my Garmin connect account.

1393 miles for the year. Officially my lowest annual mileage in seven years. In 2008 and 2009, I put more than 2000 miles each of those years and even last year, I put in 1788 miles.

That's fine. 1393 miles or 2240 kilometres is no dinky mileage. Those miles included four marathons, but mostly solitary and reflective miles.

I've been pretty silent on the blog front this year, and the last three months have me putting this social and blog life on hold. Other things take more priority, and I've grown accustomed to balancing life, work, friends, family and running all in one.

Running has been a nice refuge since my mother passed. As winter has set in, and the darkest day just behind us, I'm forcing myself out on the streets after work. The last week I've been off for holidays so I've enjoyed the light, and the snow.

Tomorrow, I hit the seventh year anniversary of this blog. By Monday, I need seven miles to hit 1400 in 2012. And that sounds like I know how many miles I'll be putting in before I say goodbye to 2012.