Sunday, February 16, 2014

Falling into a new routine

Of course I fell this winter, but not on these icy downtown Toronto streets. I've run outside every day in 2014 and yet I couldn't survive a simple 10 mile morning run in "balmy" Vancouver. I was so surprised by that fall that I fell twice in one morning. Might as well.

The second time I tripped a few weeks ago, my bright orange gloves prevented me from eating curb, my right hip absorbing the blow, my palms luckily unscathed. The plus side was I was wearing my full winter gear because this is the winter when -5C follows me all the way to the West Coast. Four minutes before, I tripped on a dark path on the way to Stanley Park, rolling my ankle as I wound my way around Vancouver's waterfront, Granville Island across the water. 6 a.m. in Vancouver is probably not the best time for me to explore new paths in dark light.

It was one of the faster 10 milers I've done though, as I was treated to the most amazing views.

Stanley Park at 6:20 am is a spooky place