Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random thoughts while on a moon-lit run

After finishing 4 miles Monday, I embarked on an evening run Tuesday. Started the 11 miler at 7:15 p.m. and the sun was already setting. Numbers say I did the distance in 1:29:11 with an average pace of 8:06 miles. But it was a nice night to let random thoughts enter my head, in no particular order

  • Doing all my early runs in the past summer makes me a very comfortable night runner, I've found. Big difference? At 4:30 a.m., there are no other people out there on my trail in pitch darkness. At 8 p.m., there are plenty of cyclists making their way home
  • My mom reminded me it was Mid-Autumn Festival today, a Chinese 'holiday' where eat moon cakes. I enjoyed runner under the harvest moon this evening, and also passed Ontario Place where they have a pretty Lantern Festival
  • My heart rate was a good 150 bpm though the run and even though it was a slower than marathon pace, it was still a good clip. Good sign, me thinks, of my overall fitness
  • There was a 'warm front' on the waterfront trail tonight. I swear it was like 23 degrees, a nice coolish breeze until I hit a certain point. Within a few feet, the temperature jumped probably 6 degrees and was like that for the next 2 miles. On my way back, I exited this front and back into the cool night. Weird
  • Cyclists use blinking lights. Runners don't. Maybe we should. I had my Garmin light on and hope I was visible on the paths. It got really dark out there.
  • When you can't see the runner who is running by you, do you do the runner wave?
  • My run was done on the same route (ish) that I'm doing this weekend in the half marathon. The race is on my 'home course' so I'm looking forward to running it, including a small hill at the 15K mark. I tested it out with a faster pace and took it quite well.
  • As I was lakeside, I heard the sounds of a saxophone player belting out a tune seemingly out of nowhere (from the park or from a boat?). It was a rare sound.
  • When you run in the dark, your other senses come alive.
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