Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Steamy 11 miles

I really should learn better, but the past three summers, i've had to learn that starting a run at 9 a.m. on a sunny summer day in DC (Even a cool one like today) makes you pay.

Had 11 planned today intended to hit Hains Point to get in some miles. I started off at 9 a.m. down Pennsylvania, ran past the Canadian Embassy, hummed the national anthem and went on my way. DC has lots of trees, but I was actively seeking shade through the run. Pretty freaking hot in the sun, and nice underneath bridges, trees, buildings, signs.

I had to adjust my run a few times when I found out they closed down part of the park leading up to Hains Point. So decided to run to Georgetown and mapped it out in my head pretty perfectly. Ended up the run fittingly at the Canadian Embassy. A private invitation party but then walked to the Newseum where I read the front pages of a few Canadian newspapers. That was nice to see. Happy Birthday, Canada.

11 miles, 1:34


Heather C said...

I walked by the Newseum for the first time last Saturday - that thing is AWESOME!! of course 99% of the headlines were about Michael jackson. gahhh. not so interesting.

I hope you can get in some cooler mornings while you're there!

Marlene said...

Happy (belated) Canada Day! That worked out great to run past the embassy. Nice 11-miler!

Marky Mark said...

Hey-your 11 miles wasn't THAT much faster than mine--I'm shocked!!


yumke said...

Hey Heather, you should go in the Newseum, it's a cool place. Too bad it's not free. And it was cool in DC.

And Mark, really, you are speeding up and maybe i'm slowing down :)