Monday, September 07, 2009

12 weeks down, 6 to go

Such is the life a marathoner in training. I've been at this for awhile and I've got a while to go.

The last week went quite well, I managed to hit the top end of the mileage (66 miles) while fitting in a few quality sessions: A workout at the track for the first time in a long time, a mid-week 13 miler run at faster than long run pace and a 30K long run.

I can't lie, the mileage is making me stronger but I'm getting pretty tired. So much so that I was going to go out for a run today (holiday) after putting a few hours into work but I just didn't feel like it. Today was a scheduled rest day and I took it.

This is another one of those peak mileage week. I don't have a massive 22 miler but a whole whack of medium long runs.

The schedule looks like this:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 10 miles w 5x600
Wednesday: 15 miles
Thursday: 6 miles a.m./4 miles pm
Friday: 12 miles
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: 18 miles with 14 at MP

That's five runs of 10 miles or more out of six days. Geez. Well, I've learned enough from experience to fit in quality and take rest while you can, so the plan is to try to follow through on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday workouts and make Thursday and Saturday shorter recovery runs. Sunday will be a challenging run to say the least, gonna have to find a route that will let me do 14 or so miles at pace.

The work over the next three weeks will get me to the taper.


Marlene said...

Three more weeks of quality work - you can do it!

15 miles on a Wednesday boggles my mind!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Marlene up there - basically anything over 8 miles, mid-week, boggles my mind. ;)