Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another sole, spiked

Believe me, I've looked for winter running shoes for a long time. Gave that up years ago, I just use my good old usual Asics and live with the cold feet and on occasion the Yak-Trax I clamp on during my snowy and icy runs.

Say hello to my Asics Arctic WRs

Yep, that's a spiked outsole. And I'm also excited by the "highly water resistant upper". Of course, I really can't use the spikes until it the weather gets to that point.

Running is going well. I've decided that I'm taking these Christmas weeks (last week, this week and the next) a little easier so that marathon training, while on the horizon, is kinda on hold. That's fine, I'm still hitting the 30 mile mark but I'm not going to give up family time for running. That is, until I get stir crazy. That's bound to happen.

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Boris T said...

Those look sweet! But a little too heavy for my liking.