Friday, May 20, 2011


I went for a run yesterday, four days after running a what I'll now call my miracle marathon. That calf issue has not been treated. I feel tremendous soreness that made it near impossible to do fluid running at pace. So I just enjoyed the sun, the trails and took it easy. How did I ever make it through an entire marathon with the beginnings of this tight-calf injury.

Wish I had some athletic tape.

Of a marathon of another kind, this week marked the finished line of a great job at my home course. I'm destined for an interesting adventure. As I was clearing my inbox, I found another use for tape to clear two years worth of my 'cloud email'.

So I'm in a period of transition in my work and running life. The end of a training season marks a pause point. I remember my first run of the year on the beach in the Dominican Republic. Seven hundred and sixty seven miles later, after training through dark, snow, winter and early spring, I've had a remarkable spring season. Two marathons, including Boston. A pace bunny assignment. Oh, and did I mention the second marathon.

I'm headed to DC for the weekend, and running and work are really not on the schedule. Running, I've got to nurse the leg back with recovery and ice. Work, I have to clear my head, reset the brain, come up with some ideas, and get ready to tackle that race. It'll be a sprint at first, no marathon there. For running, it'll be a jog before I can run.

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