Friday, December 30, 2011


My new Garmin 610 is waiting at home for its new owner to take it out for a spin. I'm not ready to retire my good old Garmin, it's taken me through a good 15 marathons, and I'll let it get its lifetime metre up to 10,000 kilometres.

Took it out the other day for a stroll, out here in Tobago, where I'm visiting with R's family (to visit their families). Running takes a little extra break. I'm not worried about what that pause does. I just hit 1,801 miles for the year on a beach at Stonehaven Bay. That's 2,899 kilometres and plenty of distance covered.

A year ago, we spent the new year off in the Dominican Republic. It was odd to get my first miles away from winter. I'm already plotting the return.

By the way, it's the sixth anniversary for the start of A whole lot of soles... Felt today needed to be marked like I did those years ago. It all goes to zero again, the mileage, and the year looms ahead. A lot of ground to make up.

Beach in Tobago