Saturday, May 05, 2012

The (unscheduled) Toronto Goodlife Marathon

I've been training since January. The miles have been hard to come by, work's been busy and it's been hard to do the mileage I'm used to. Fear not, me thinks, you've gone through this marathon business many times before.

My marathon at the end of the month is in Ottawa, where weather can do anything to the day. I was looking at my past long runs and saw I've logged enough 18 plus milers and two 20 milers (one three weeks ago) so I decided to pull the trigger

Yes, I've signed up for a 'last-minute' marathon. Not really interested in seeing how fast I can push myself, but taking it as a marathon that I'll be paying careful attention to saving a lot for the last 10K.

The Toronto Goodlife it is, in fact, it'll be my fourth marathon at that race in a row (and the race of my 2009 BQ).

I'm pretty excited and nervous to leap at the opportunity to do an unscheduled marathon. As many of you know, I've done multiple marathoning many times (three in four weeks, two in 8 days) but that was usually the intention of the training season. This time, we'll see how it goes. Training run it is. A long one.


Ririnette said...

Good luck tomorrow!! You've conquered those before, so I have no doubt that you'll smash it.

The Unexpected Runner said...

Good luck! I will be there too!

Marky Mark said...

I also decided to pull the trigger at the last moment, but hadn't trained enough to feel confident about it. I took it as a long training run and was fine. I didn't get a bib with my name on it though, since I only registered at the expo. Hope you had a good day!