Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cool running heat maps

Really neat that Garmin has taken all those trillions of miles filed into Garmin Connect and created something really useful -- heat maps of most often used running routes.

I pulled up quite a few of them last night and put them into HuffPost, pretty amazing to see where runners go in these major cities. For the U.S. cities I've been too -- among them Boston, NYC, DC (of course) and San Francisco, I can see why the routes are so popular. DC, for instance, gets a tonne of runners who do loops of the two-mile long Mall.

Hope they add Canadian cities in the near future. Here are a bunch of the screenshots, but see the rest here.

NYC: Central Park the running zone

DC: Mall and Rock Creek Park/Potomac Trail

Chicago waterfront rules!

Boston: Along the Charles.

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heatmaps said...

Great work. I love it, I love it so much, that the greedy visual-data gnome in me wants more! Thanks for sharing !