Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And now, almost back to real life

It's been a pretty long week where I've been to hot and humid DC, even hotter NYC for a long weekend, and now back to Toronto for the last few days of my extended holiday. After a six-week time off, I start my new job on Monday. It's been a long rest and much needed, haven't had longer than two weeks off in a row in a good 15 years.

As a result, I've really enjoyed the summer. My running has been pretty good, though I've taken it easy the last week or so with all the travelling. Last Sunday, we watched the front pack of the NYC Half Marathon that led me to have awesome opportunity to see some of the best distance runners.

Like this pack of runners, including Ryan Hall

And Paula Radcliffe, who won her 7th straight race in NYC in dominating fashion.

And Deena Kastor.

Really cool to watch world class runners.

I have my first huge trial measurement of my fitness this Saturday when I do a 30K race. I really hope the weather cooperates, because if conditions are favourable, I would really like to do the whole race at pace. The longest pace run Pfitzinger calls for is 12 miles I believe, and if I'm able to do most of the 18.7 mile race in marathon pace, then I'll know I'm in good shape.

Regardless, I'd like to use it as a pace run. If it's too warm, I may do as much as I can in pace and the rest a little slower, maybe 4:45 to 5 minute kilometres. Quite a few bloggers are doing the race so I hope to see some of them out there.

As I head back to work next week, I plan to get back on the program, which will see some track work start up again and the mileage start to climb. My taper doesn't begin until the last week of September, so I've got another 5 weeks to fine tune endurance and speed while I drop a few of the pounds I've put on the last week of BAD eating.

September will be the sharpening month. I have two races, a 10K and a half marathon. If I'm up to where I want to be by the half marathon, I may gun for a 1:30 or hopefully a sub 1:30. A little premature to think about that at the moment, but that's a time I'd love to achieve.


Marlene said...

Wow, the 6 weeks is just about up already? Summer has really flown by.

*insert marathon panic attack*

Great photos from NYC. You got some really good shots. (Check out Paula's foot strike! Wth?)

I have a similar plan/goal as you for the 30K - ideally, 'race pace' the entire way (although, as you know, I am not yet sold on my marathon target pace)... slow it down if needed if it's too hot.

Hope to see you there.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Good luck saturday, I transferred the bib to Marlene... for obvious reasons. LOL

You got some incredible pics on NYC!