Sunday, August 02, 2009

Humility in humidity

I had stacked my long run for this past Thursday when I did 21 miles, so I could avoid the awful heat in DC, but this morning, I was greeted with cloudy skies that threatens to open up this afternoon. Instead of oppressive heat, I was given a gem of a running morning. Don't get me wrong, it's warmer than it's been in Toronto recently, but it's much better than I'd expected.

Thought that maybe 9 or 10 miles would do today, and my calves were really feeling it so I had to stop three times in the first 5K to stretch them out. I'm breaking in my new GT2140s after using my Asics Nimbus for the past 5 weeks or so. They're different types of shoes obviously so I'm adjusting.

By the time I entered Virginia, I was feeling great and by the time I hit the trail, I decided to turn up the pace for about 3 miles, topping out at a 4:36 km pace/7:24 miles. Despite the humidity, I was feeling great for those miles, maybe because the number of runners was motivating me to go faster. But by the 7 mile mark, I had to take a walking break when my heart rate pretty much spiked after I took a hill and kept on going. Ended the run just trying to maintain turnover. Felt great, sweat lots and I'm starting to feel the benefits of high mileage training. Still, I respect, even fear, the heat here. The next few days will be interesting.

My weekly mileage (Monday to Sunday) was 73 miles, my highest ever. I went more than 70 three times last summer (70-71). The next few weeks will fall back the mid to low 60s.

Weekly mileage: 73 miles (117.5K)
Year to date: 1181 miles (1900K)

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Anonymous said...

7:24 miles (thanks for the conversion ;) haha) are pretty quick if you ask me!! Nice run - glad you weren't hit with any crazy hot temps!

can't wait for the run tomorrow, hope you can make it!

Marlene said...

Great run!

Toronto is supposed to be a humid ess this week, so maybe DC won't be so bad.

Marlene said...