Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sucking in air

These are moments we don't write about, the part of running, well, that has very little to do with running. Picture yourself at a red light, grateful for it while you lean your arms at your waist. Or when you've pushed yourself too hard in the middle of an everyday run, but everything doesn't feel right. You stop running, walk, maybe take a sip of a water bottle, punching the pause button on your Garmin.

Some runners bounce up and down at the stop sign. I don't understand that. Why? To get the heart racing? My heart's usually racing, thank you very much, i'll just stand here, counting down the clock before the pain begins again.

I'm not going to try to complain too much about the heat, but it was the humidity and still not enough sleep that made me take a walk break a few miles into my short run today. Considered the pain. Remembered that pain is good, that putting pennies in the bank, hay in the barn, was all about moments like this and working your way through hard runs.

Besides, my favourite post-run moments involved sucking in air, feeling the pain, glad I stopped running but happy that I just did all of that distance.


EndorphinBuzz said...

I'm one of those that jumps around at the red light. I find it much easier to keep going that way rather than stopping and settling down before having to start it back up again.

Boris T said...

I've never understood those people either. The humidity has been a killer lately, I hope it goes away soon.

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