Monday, November 01, 2010

Regroup, recovery, refocus

The quest to do four races in four weeks, three marathons and one half, is almost complete. My legs are surprisingly holding up.

Don't run a marathon until you forget your last? I think it's a proper strategy, in fact, by early last week, I had all but forgotten about the Toronto Marathon. But today, three races in, I can feel the effects of the hills of the Marine Corps Marathon. The delayed onset muscle soreness about to kick in.

So before I begin to try to forget the last three weeks as I prep for the victory lap in New York, a look back at the last three weeks:

Week 1: Toronto Marathon in 3:24:51, pace of about 4:50 a kilometre. Faster than the 3:30 I set as a soft target. Total mileage for the week was 41.5 miles.

Week 2: Niagara Half in 1:45:02 as a pace bunny. Paced at 5 minutes a kilometre. Mileage at 22 miles.

Week 3: Marine Corps Marathon in 3:39:19, pace of about 5:11 kilometres, much faster than the 3:50 I thought I'd target. Mileage for the week at 35 miles.

Notice a trend? Yep, I should target an even slower NYC. That is the plan.

Prescription is to recover and rest. I do feel worn down and I think I need to give myself some sleep. In fact, no race report tonight, it's bed time at 9 p.m.


Boris T said...

Good luck with the victory lap in the big apple.

Anonymous said...

Do you get a Finishers Coin if you complete the MCM this year?

Patrick said...

Good luck in New York.

EndorphinBuzz said...

Amazing feat already. Best of luck in NY.

Marlene said...

No wonder you are feeling tired! I hope some extra sleep does the trick!

Enjoy that victory lap!

yumke said...

Thanks guys, will enjoy NYC for sure.

And anonymous, yes I did get a finisher's coin. I've gotten one every year I've done MCM.

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