Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Back to where this all started

As I was struggling through my final miles at the Chicago Marathon on that cold winter-like day, I don't think I had my next 26.2-mile race on top of mind. Hours later, over pizza, the three of us friends who just did our first marathon mused about whether we'd do another.

This marathon was always on my to-do-again-but-do-it-right list. Revenge is sweet when you're well prepared, and to this day, I'm ready to set a new course PB.

So tonight, exactly five years and one month after I signed up for that first marathon, I signed up for Chicago 2011.

This time, at least one of those friends is also doing it. It's his 2nd marathon. Chicago will be my 16th. This will be interesting.


Marky Mark said...

You seem to like the big ones and I have a feeling this will be sweet for you! Chicago has real weather extremes from year to year so that part is always interesting too.

Marlene said...

So many people are going to Chicago! I kind of wish I was going this year instead of next... will be awesome!

Boris T said...

Man loads of people seem to be off to Chicago, enjoy your trip back.

ghada said...