Wednesday, February 02, 2011

They closed down the city for winter

The best part about my run today was bypassing the two poor cross country skiers who hoped they had enough snow cover to do some power skiing. The second best was having another bare excuse to use my winter running-spiked shoes.

They closed down schools for this? I mean, if we were to do a snow day, what about Chinese New Year tomorrow. That would have been a perfect day to take off and get some dim sum. (Or usual vegetarian Chinese New Year fare.)

I ran my five miles and now I'm looking forward to tomorrow's 10 mile run after work. The paths should be clear.


Tricia said...

Enjoy your run!

Marlene said...

It was FUN running in the white stuff!

Thanks so much for the comment yesterday. I always appreciate your advice and everything you had to say makes a lot of sense.

Have to be honest, not sure what I was thinking... but now I've got it figured out. I think. :)

Andrew Opala said...

getting into the city on Wednesday was a joy, but once we hit Spadina ... it was a snow and slush fest ... where's Mel Lastmen when you need him?

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