Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pre-race report (mostly pictures): Boston Marathon

Because the trip to Hopkinton to the start is four hours, longer than I ran, I have way too many pictures and video to share, so this little post will just contain some of that stuff.

Met my buddy Lee after 6 at his hotel near Boston Common. Then it was school time!

And if you wondered how big the lines are? Well, how else you going to get 20,000+ to Hopkinton

An hour plus later, we arrived.

The usual sign with a Jumbotron behind it

We did find a patch of grass to sit in. It's sunny but when the wind was blowing, it was freezing

Trying to warm up

And there was a juggling show

On our way to the start

View from the back

Runners arriving after with minutes to go.

Video of us walking up after the gun went off

Another one

Next: The actual race report (fewer pictures and video)


Laura said...

The sign gives me goose bumps. Congrats again on your race and love the 'Canada' hat.

Marlene said...

Pretty amazing that it took you longer to get to the start then it did from start to finish.

It looks like such a beautiful morning... deceiving I'm sure as it was freezing waiting for the start and pretty warm throughout the race.

ghada said...