Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The road rules of tweeting

Anthony Weiner can tell you there are quite a few things you shouldn't do with your mobile phone.

Running and tweeting is not nearly as scandalous, but it can be a little dangerous. You think walking and texting is a challenge. Yes, I've almost run into many a pedestrian who was texting while I was running on the sidewalk.

Texting/tweeting while running is not for everyone. For example:

2009: Back in the day, when Twitter was in a newish stage, we read about that now-famous 'jogger' (what's that) who was tweeting while running, and hit a tree.

2010: Of course, run tweeting has really advanced (er... I guess), like when I decided to send updates while running Boston in 2010. Which leads to one of my favourite tweets ever.

Drinking, running, tweeting.

2011: Not to be outdone, a man named Joseph Tame decides to deck himself out in mobile gear to 'run' the Tokyo Marathon. Running is charitable, but you get the point:

A few tips about tweeting while running:

  • Sending tweets while running is all well and good, but it's better if you can send pictures. Twitpic works great.
  • Video is even better proof. It's shaky though. Keep your phone at chest level or higher. Position your phone over your head for a great view.

  • Master the one-hand tweet method.. use your thumb and rely on auto correct.
  • Keep your phone at chest height so at least in your field of vision, you can see the road.
  • Best to have a case for your phone.. Never know if you break it.
  • And try to put the phone away some times, running is fun too. You can tweet about the run later.

Yep, that's me tweeting and racing. Okay, I'm stupid.


Marlene said...

That last photo is classic!!!

I still don't have a smart phone, so you won't catch me doing this any time soon.

marie said...

I heart this post.

But don't do it in the rain unless your phone is protected!

Not that I would know from experience or anything :)

Sam said...

Such a great post!

Tweeting back and forth with running buddies got me through my longest run in the last training cycle. It slowed me down a bit, but was like I had my own personal cheering section/pace group that day.

Also, your out-of-town marathon tweet posts are definitely some of your best ever.

Patrick said...

I've tweeted while for a run a couple of times but I had to stop and move over to the side while I typed. It's impressive you were able to tweet while racing!

ghada said...