Tuesday, July 05, 2011

How do you hang?

The clues that I'm a runner at home, up to a few days ago, are only in visual evidence by the newly laundered (and drying) singlets, the mountain of training shoes by my front door and the running caps that I hang on door hooks. Or the little stack of fuel belts.

The running bibs, they're kept in a binder. Some are in a newly acquired 'bibFolio'.

The medals, lately, have been stuffed into a drawer.

Until I got around to using the medal contraption thingy this past weekend. Dug out a good amount of my marathon hardware. Kinda fun to see how many I've gotten over the years. Love seeing the Chicago Marathon (my first) alongside the four MCM medals. Won't lie, the Boston medals I'm happy to now see on display.

I've seen other bloggers and how they've displayed their medals, spaced evenly. I live in a condo, no room air them out, I kinda like the bunched up look. Gives them a weighty feel.

Perfect that it's in my hallway. Funny how the collection has grown. (By the way, the secret to getting the hanger? Industrial strength Velcro. Anything to avoid using a power tool.)

Now what am I going to do with the countless other medals? Yep, they are in a drawer and will probably stay there.

Anyone else display their medals?


Arcane said...

Most of mine are stuffed in a drawer except for two, the first marathon and the first boston. Both hanging framed on a wall along with the bib number.

Patrick said...

I'd like to do something like this with my medals but for now they are in a drawer.

Anonymous said...

Where'd you get that thing to hang them on? That's really neat!

yumke said...

Hey lauren, i bought mine at the Boston marathon expo, but you can order it online


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