Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chicago Redux (3.0)

Yeah, so Chicago was my first marathon and my 16th and this weekend it will be should be my 25th. I wrote a version of this post (2.0) in 2011. So here goes.

2006 Marathon -- My FIRST!

Chicago 2011 -- My 16th!

2006: Holy crap, first marathon
2011: Um, how much of this ibuprofen cream can I slather on my heel?
2013: Ditto on 2011, just apply it to my knees

2006: Can't wait to hit the expo, gonna buy maybe a jacket
2011: Yes to jacket. Yes to hat. Yes to whatever you want me to buy.
2013: I'm wearing my 2006 gear to toss away. Yes, to random gear.

2006: Deep Dish Pizza!
2011: Where can I find a bagel, banana and peanut butter.
2013: Pasta on Saturday, anything goes on Sunday.

2006: Packing a long sleeve in case it gets cold (it got cold)
2011: Unpacking my long sleeve cause it'll get warm
2013: It's Singlet Baby!!!! (Why)

2006: My buddies Jelly, Frankie and I are all geared up, trained, ready to go!
2011: We've ran. A lot sometimes. Sometimes not. We'll line up
2013: A whole new gang. We are scared. We will have fun

2006: 3:20 or bust! (Ended up with 3:35)
2011: Lets see how I feel marathon morning (UPDATE: Yeah, I couldn't beat my 2006 time
2013: It's jazz, lets see how it goes.. (yes I want to smash that first marathon in the face but face it, respect the distance!)

2006: Excited!
2011: Still excited, though will stop short of putting a slammer at the end.
2013: Punching in the clock. It's go time. (okay, it's a pretty awesome time)

Marathon No. 25, here we come!

P.S.: Holy frak, it's the Chicago Marathon! This is gonna be insane(!) <- slammer


Anonymous said...

Good Luck. Have a fantastic race and a great time in Chicago!!

Daniela S. said...

Chicago marathon, Ironman Hawaii and Thanksgiving on the same weekend. How exciting!

Have a great race on Sunday. Looking forward to the race recap.

Patrick said...

Good luck!