Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice storm and my Yaktrax

While moving this past fall, I almost didn't pack my Yaktrax, those rubber and metal strap ons. I had survived most winters with barely a reason to put them on. Luckily I realized I'd probably need them one day.

Even on a group run this past Wednesday, I was talking to another runner and telling her about the Yaktrax. "You really can't use them much on Toronto roads," I told her, citing the concrete and asphalt surfaces that don't often get too much of a layer of snow.

I didn't read the long-range forecast. We got a tonne of freezing rain overnight, and this morning, a coating of ice covered any surface that could accommodate it -- roads, branches, signs, cars, railing, lights and the ground. 

I worked a little updating coverage, then decided to give myself an assignment of  getting some fresh art. I decided to abort my long run in favour of a 5K or 6K run, enough to continue my running streak and to let me play on the icy streets.


Outside my townhouse


Yes, my feet got soaked by this point.


Sam said...

I use screw shoes rather than Yaktrax. They work great for me when it's slippery out. Nice pictures. The ice sure looked pretty but did a ton of damage. I work the breakfast shift on Sunday mornings and thought that I was in for a dead day. Turns out so many people had no power we were swamped!

macnic said...

I'm hoping that yaktrax show up under the tree for me. Great photos!

Robin said...

This ice storm has been something. Beautiful to look at but very scary all the same. I don't use anything on my shoes. I have used the treadmill this weekend but mostly I'll head out with just my shoes on.