Saturday, February 25, 2006


Not a good past few days.

Wednesday: Thought i'd take the day off, so I did. Inretrospect, it was a beautiful day
Thursday: Didn't feel like it. Plus, I got my new laptop, so I spent too much time playing with it. No run
Friday: Grrr... At work till after 7. Was not happy, as it was a weekly of long work days and frustration. The 5K run after work, which should have been 10K, was great though. Ran it at a good pace and the frustrations worked their way out.
Saturday: A big day for a friend who's getting married in a month. It's his stag, so i'm stretched for time as the festivities get under way in an hour. So did a quick, sprintlike 5K just now.

So, a bad running week. I will need more discipline during my marathon training, but at least it'll be warm and the days will be long.

Weekly total: 30K
Year to date: 336.5K

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