Saturday, April 15, 2006

Vacation over...

Got back yesterday from my two-week vacation. R and I did Paris, Berlin, Nice and Paris again.

Running wise, the intention was to go out for frequent runs. But long walking days (10+hours of hitting the pavement/concrete in my trail runners made our legs very tired) and a bout of food poisoning made me take it easy.

That was until we got to Nice.. about 13 degrees, cool, and sunny! and best yet is their Sea side boardwalk that goes on for at least 10K. On Tuesday, we went out after doing our laundry and we did 7K. I ran half of it with R, doing a slower pace, and when we turned around, we pointed at the top of a slight incline about 3K away and R said 'go, run!', so I took off and did a tempo run.

Lots of runners in Nice. I suspect it's the perfect place to run, although I wonder if there are more places to run other than by the water. They also had a half marathon in a few weeks so I figured many were in training. A few people were doing intervals in the evening. On Thursday, we did a different run in the morning, and ended up with about a 6K run.

Anyways, so that leaves me with very little mileage in two weeks. The scedule for the next three weeks will be interesting. I have the May 7 Sporting Life 10K and the Mississauga half marathon a week later. So today, I just get my mileage back up big time. I really have to get a few long runs in.

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