Tuesday, December 05, 2006

300th post and 1,500 miles

Yep, i've been missing in action. Not sick, just resting and really busy at work. I took off four days from running before going out there last night. Here's a quick recap:

Last Monday (Nov. 27): 6.5K along the city after work.
Last Wednesday (Nov. 29): 6.6K along a similar route.

Last week's totals:
Weekly total: 13K (8 miles)
Time run: 1:08:41
Year to date: 2,404.5K (1,499 miles)

Well, since I ran a 6.5K 4 miler yesterday, I have now passed the 1,500 mile mark and the 2,400km point. With a month to go, I now know that it will be a struggle to get in 30 mile weeks, but hey, after 8 months of hard running, I think I deserve a season of lighter, for-fitness activity.

By the way, it's also my 300th post in less than a year (11 months).


Sonia said...

WOW 1500 miles!!! That is so impressive!! =) Congrats and I think you're taking some well deserve time off! =)

yumke said...

Yup, now i'm aiming for 2,500 kilometres.. that'll come soon enough..