Monday, December 18, 2006

Oh Xmas tree

Originally uploaded by yumkerun.
.... thought my blog needed a picture to brighten things up. This massive tree is inside the Eaton Centre, Toronto proper's biggest shopping mall that attracts millions of visitors a year. I was there today and yesterday swiping my credit card. Ah, Christmas.


Scott Klajic said...

Hi. Nice running blog. Mine is not really about running, but the tag line is "freedom is a greater value than security or equality. And running is cool too." Maybe you will have a chance to look at it.


Sonia said...

Nice Tree!!! Wish we had some decent shopping malls like the Eaton Centre here.... but we don't!! Oh well, I've done most of my shopping back in Montreal last time I was there! Way better =)

yumke said...

thanks scott, i'll check your blog out

sonia, sometimes, eaton centre is more of a hassle.. the crowds are a bit much..

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that tree. nice shot