Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The carrot...

Still running, just don't have a lot of free time to post. Determined to do a lot better than last week's 30K, I've gone out there the past three days. Ran a quick 10K on Monday afternoon in between a very long day. The run really refreshed me.

Yesterday, did a 6.5K in the morning before work, which was a nice change.

And today, having arrived home as the sun was setting, I set out to do a even paced 10K. Not easy, not hard, just a run. I limbered up, caught the GPS signals, and was off.

There was a runner going at about 5:45 minute per kilometre so he was about 200 metres ahead of me when I started my run. I caught up to him quite quickly and as I was coming up behind him at an easy 5:10 minute kilometre. I'm about 5 metres ahead, and suddenly, the slower runner suddenly isn't. He increases his pace so i'm no longer putting distance between us.

I'm thinking "buddy, I'm not trying to race here, so why the hell do you think it's a good time to match my pace." I quicken slightly to put a bit of distance between us, but he's still hanging on. In fact, he's now going at a sub 5 minute pace and passes me.

Now this is odd. We're literally running neck and neck. I don't feel like making conversation cause frankly, it's obvious that he's responding to my pace, or I wouldn't have caught up to him. I give him 10 metres, and realize I have this choice to make.

1. Go back and forth with this guy. 2. Run away.

I choose 2. I speed up to 4:45 kms, that as last year's target marathon pace is not that speedy when you're running a bunch of kilometres.

I pass strong, and 'mini surge' ahead a few metres. And he's still chasing me. His breath is more laboured than mine. Yes, I could hear his breathing and his feet hitting pavement. In fact, I still had fresh legs and lungs. I barely feel it. So then I throw it down to 4:30 kms --- and never look back for the next mile.

I'm not sure when he turned off, but I wasn't going to be the carrot.. Not today, anyways.


Triseverance said...

Nice job, I got my but whipped by a girl yesterday. Well she runs ultra's, but I had no idea, she must have not wanted to be the carrott either as she threw down a 6:45 mile that broke me at the end of our little 5 mile run.

yumke said...

I guess I don't mind a little friendly competition. I guess my mindset going off on the run was to get some me time.. oh well, I sorta used a guy as a carrot today, but gave him a good 40 metres...