Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The long and short of it...

Ever had a stack of presents waiting for you on your birthday, or on Christmas morning, remember rushing to the pile of goodies under the tree? Well, my parents never did the big gift giving thing to me in my childhood, but I'm pretty sure I was absolute just as giddy as a kid in a candy store while taking the streetcar home.

I exited the streetcar, and literally jogged home, eager to get into my running gear and outside.

The reason? It was 15 freaking degrees, it was 6:45 and I knew I had at least another 45 minutes of light. I took my pile of summer running gear and tossed it on my bed, looking for it..

Yes, the shorts are back! Knee-length shorts and a long top plus a cap and thin gloves. As I set out in the daylight (woo hoo), I bounded up the street and the gloves were soon not necessary and then I rolled up the sleeves.

By kilometre 7, the sun was going down, but I was running strong. I hit 5K in the fastest time in recent memory, most of it uphill too, and didn't want to slow down. As I hit the 10K mark, I actually passed by a friend of mine, who, upon seeing me, said 'hey, I thought that guy (me) was going at a good clip.'

I finished the run (14.7K) in 1:12 for about a pace of 4:52 K. Not speedy, but the fastest run and most fun in a long time.

Running season is back. And that's that long (run) and short (pants) of it...

(Ran 5K yesterday without as much fanfare).


Sonia said...

I understand your excitement!! It was 20oC here and it was just so nice =) I love spring!!

Arcane said...

10C is usaully shorts and a t-shirt weather. Unfortunately it looks like it's going to get cold again.