Sunday, March 11, 2007

The long run is coming back...

This day was absolutely perfect for running. Sunny, light wind, clearish streets and sidewalks and, most importantly, it was a few degrees above zero.

Long vanished from my routine after last fall was the long run. It gave me time to reflect, helped build endurance and strength and was the building block of my weekly mileage. Today, I did a respectable 10.5 miler around the city, picking one of my favourite long-run routes that take me through six very different neighbourhoods.

The result was 17K in 1:30 for a pace of about 5:15K. Next week, I'd like to establish the 13 miler as my non-training weekly long run.

Another upshot, I finally passed the 50K (30+ miles) mark for weekly mileage this year. About freaking time.

Weekly mileage: 52.5K (32.5 miles)
Time run: 4:21:41
Year to date: 315K (196 miles)


Arcane said...

Good for you! 13 miles for a long run is a good base to have before staring a marathon training program.

yumke said...

yep, and for a fall marathon, my training doesn't begin until late june.. but.. always good to get the mileage up there...