Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LT run

Today it was 9 miles with 4 at lactate threshold (half marathon race pace). I still dread these runs and they'll only get harder. So the plan was to run 3.5 kilometres (about two miles) then do 6.5 kilometres (4 miles) at LT. These LTs are getting me nervous...

Here are the splits

1K: 5:03Ks
2K: 5:08Ks
3K: 5:01Ks
4K: 4:33Ks (7:20 mile pace)
5K: 4:23Ks (7:04 mile pace)
6K: 4:27Ks (7:10 mile pace)
7K: 4:26Ks (7:09 mile pace)
8K: 4:24Ks (7:05 mile pace)
9K: 4:30Ks (7:16 mile pace)
10K: 4:32Ks (7:17 mile pace)
11K: 5:58Ks
12K: 5:15Ks
13K: 5:18Ks
14K: 5:01Ks
15K: 5:05Ks pace

I actually did a little more than four miles. The first kilometre (5K) was a bit fast at 4:23 and I had to force myself to slow down a tad. As a result, I think I pushed myself a little harder than I wanted to. This would have to be a hard pace but one I can keep up over 13 miles. The last two kilometres were done a bit slower and I was flagging. Next time, I have to stick closer to the 4:30Ks or 7:15 miles... That is, unless my fitness shows that I can go faster.


Arcane said...

Nice work. You should definitely improve as the training goes on.

Ryan said...

Great job on this workout. This types of runs are going really make your marathon day exciting.

Just a minor detail, you may want to check the definition of a lactate threshold pace... all the reading I do tends to point to LT pace as what you can run in a 1 hour race... this would be faster than your 1/2 marathon pace.

Sonia said...

Those are some fast pace Kenny! And you did more than you were suppose too. Awesome job! =)

yumke said...

Thanks guys.. (sonia, no blogging recently?)

Fran, I think i'll try to push it a little more next time.. start it off slower though

Ryan, I may be running a tad slow but i'm confident i'm pretty close to my LT pace.. i haven't done a hard 15K race recently so I can't measure much..