Saturday, July 28, 2007


Wednesday: Did a 5 mile recovery run in about 43:07.

Thursday: It's even getting earlier. Started my run at 4:36 a.m. (ouch) and did 10 miles on the waterfront in 1:27:35 with average pace of 5:26Ks (8:44 miles)

Today: So I read the schedule and Pfitzinger describes today's 17 mile run as 'medium-long'.... Okay.. to me, it's looong. I haven't done a run this long since last fall. It was humid but a cool 18 degrees when I started the run at 7:30 a.m. heading west on the waterfront. The out-and-back route is about 11 miles, so I decided to add a few loops to the route so I would be able to end the run close to the market, where I could buy bread and other groceries.

Again, I didn't run with my heart-rate monitor, but I did ensure I kept the pace to a reasonable slower pace. I ran a negative split -- the first 8 miles were done in 1:09:12 and the next 8 in 1:06:58. Total running time for 17.04 miles was 2:24:27.

I was scheduled to do the 20K 'race' tomorrow in the Beaches, but now i've opted to skip it. It didn't make a lot of sense to out an out-and-back only to end up 10K from home. Plus, it isn't a timed race. One option is to make it out there and do a 10K run... we'll see.


Arcane said...

Yeah he sure has a weird definition. I guess it's cause he has you doing a 14 mile run in the middle of the week and to characterize that as a long run and then doing another longer run on the weekend wouldn't make sense.

Sonia said...

Definitely on the long side period. There is nothing medium with a 17 miler!!! Good job! =) Training is going really well for ya. I'm definitely jealous of all that mileage. I wish I was training for a full now! lol