Sunday, July 01, 2007

Marine Corps Marathon: 17 weeks to go

Target for this week was 32 miles. Did a bit more. Here's a recap

Monday: Rest
Tuesday 14K (8.5 miles with 10x100 strides)
Wednesday: 4K
Thursday: 15K (9 miles GA)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6.5K (4 miles recovery)
Sunday: 20K (12 miles medium long run)

Weekly total: 59.5K
Time run: 5:22:39
Year to date: 1078.5K

What a godsend the weather this week. It was cool, probably 17 degrees, today with a nice breeze.

Today's long run was done in 1:45, starting off with 5:25ish kilometres (8:50 miles) and ending with 5:10s (8:10 miles). I took out my heart rate monitor, which went beserk the first few kilometres, but settled down to the around 79%. I think either it's a bit too high but the average shows at 154 bpm / 82%. A bit on the high end for long runs. Total for the run was 1:45:57 with average pace of 5:17 kilometres or 8:30 miles.

Here's next week's schedule

Monday: Rest/CT
Tuesday: 8 miles GA + 10X100
Wednesday: Rest/CT
Thursday: 10 miles GA
Friday: Rest/CT
Saturday: 5 miles recovery
Sunday: 13 miles medium long run.

I have to find a suitable cross training activity. I think i'll have to dig out the bike for Wednesday.


Arcane said...

I rarely ever cross train, but have always been meaning to. Nice work with the first week.

Ryan said...

If my conversion is correct, I'm estimating that was a 37 mile week. Pretty strong. Great job - looking forward to tracking your progress to Marine Corps.

Sonia said...

Biking is good, I like to rollerblade too in the summer. Youre always pushing to do more! Good for you! Youll get great results from your training

yumke said...

Thanks guys.. Now the hard part.. trainig while going back to work and also training during the hot weather to come..!