Saturday, April 04, 2009

That was fun: Two races in two hours

Did the Harry's Spring Run-Off 8K and 5K race this morning. It was a lot of fun doing two races back to back. The second was with my running team Running Copy (that's a media-esque name, yes). The first was the very hilly 8K.
I'll write up a race report tomorrow, but the upshot of it was an 8K in 35:12 and a 5K in 22:52. It took a lot of patience not to go out too hard but I think I ran both well given a variety of factors.

And, of course, now I can look at my stats and see two races on a single day. Very cool.

After, my friends and I hit a great resto called Dr. Generosity. Highly recommend it.

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Marky Mark said...

Exciting! Curious how you found the field at that part of the pack. it was much too congested at my pace such that there either were simply too many runners or not enough corrals to further break down the field. Plus slower runners hogged the left side at times....