Monday, March 30, 2009

The running virus spreads...

I think this running bug is spreading everywhere I go. I got into the office today, myself feeling a little achy through the sore muscles, and one co-worker who ran Around the Bay was hobbling around. Another one, Ben Kaplan, who I ran with for a bit yesterday, wrote a nice little piece for The Ampersand, our Arts & Life blog at the National Post.

I really like his kicker, the last few graphs of his column (read the whole thing here)

I never played sports in high school or college, frankly, this was probably the biggest athletic achievement I've ever completed in my life. I'm limping like crazy when I walk into the stands and find Julie, and she has her camera out and smiles from ear to ear. People are still finishing and I'm soaking wet and I did it: I finished something, something hard, and I finished it well. We hug for a long time. This is a race I finally won.
He's also hobbling, by the way, and now seriously thinking of running Mississauga.

Meanwhile, another co-worker who ran the 30K, who sits across from me, I'm egging her on all day that she might as well run a marathon since she's got this training in the bag. Between her hobbles, I think she's thinking about it.

And finally, while that's going on, another group of my friends, including Tom, Jelly, Frank (who's coming out of semi retirement after running 2006 Chicago) Fitzy, are coming out this Saturday as we tackle a 5K race as a team (name's Running Copy).

Running, it's everywhere.


Marlene said...

That's a great article - love the last line.

Arcane said...

say hi to Jelly and Frankie for me. Did I meet Tom last year at harry's?

Marky Mark said...

Maybe I'll see you at the end of the 8K given the different start times!