Friday, March 13, 2009

Race day coming

 Okay, I can feel it already, the anticipation of the year's first race. I'll say it that I'm not in the shape to run sub-20 minute 5K right now. I mean, sure, I can surprise myself but given the remaining congestion after the cold and my still ramping up training, I doubt my body can sustain 5 sub-4 minute kilometres.
Picked up my number and race pack today after running for the first time in 5 days. 5.6K in about 32 minutes.
Tomorrow, about 20K in hills of Burlington as I prep for the Around the Bay.


Arcane said...

good luck! I"m driving down to run by the lakefront. I might detour to watch the race if it fits into the schedule.

Arcane said...

I didn't drop by to see the race. I see that you missed sub-20 by a couple of moments. Wish I could do that on a good day.