Tuesday, March 17, 2009

19K in shorts!

Spring is a few days away. Today was perfect though. 13C, a little wind and sun. Ran 12 miles or just over 19K after work and it was glorious. Started off quicker than usual, and had to spend time clearing my chest, but I hammered most of the kilometres with the exception of a walk break after 5 miles going at 4:35 km pace.

Ended up doing the run in 1:31 at 4:43 kms or 7:35ish miles. That's a satisfying run because I hope to at least do that at Around the Bay in less than two weeks. Tomorrow, a 5 miler then I have a challenging LT run on Friday, when I'll be in DC.

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Marlene said...

My hubby has been out running in shorts this week. I'm not ready for that just yet... but soon!

Very nice pace!