Sunday, March 22, 2009

A setback, minor at least

So, after not running since Tuesday, went out on a beautiful day in DC. It's 13C and rising and I decided to go out in the afternoon. I announced to R that I'd run 10 miles maybe. Don't get yourself sick again, she said. I nodded.

A good 30 minutes later, I called the run in at 5K or just over 3 miles. Just not feeling right just yet, still congested and not really feel like putting it in. I walked the rest of the way home, just enjoying the sunshine.

I suppose now that this is a real setback. I've missed a key long run, missed a few tempo runs and generally my cardio must be dropping a bit -- not much, but when I'm asking alot of my body, I need everything I can get.

I have a 30K race a week from now, and am now seriously realigning goals. I don't think at this point that I'm going to drop out, but I'm not as confident in my running as I was last Tuesday when I put a monster of a run while still congested.

Being sick twice in a week is not the worst thing that can happen to you. I've read plenty of my fellow run bloggers who have missed seasons or major races because of injury. During todays' run, I had flashes of 'oh my lord, i'm losing all this training that my marathon in May is in danger!'. A little dramatic, yes, I think so. Best thing to do is to nurse myself back to normal health, get in the miles then, and then never look back at days and weeks like this.


Arcane said...

I think you have plenty of fitness still so your marathon goals won't suffer. Rest up though. You might be suffering from the aftermaths of the hard Tuesday run. See how you're feeling later in the week and then make a call.

Marky Mark said...

You're doing this for the long haul so it makes sense to assess how you feel and align with your goals. I know what it's like not to do a scheduled race and you might go for it depending on how you feel and then again you might choose to let it go. Or the third way would be to do it but not at top speed.