Saturday, June 20, 2009

The year so far, according to Garmin

Just ran through some stats on my Garmin connect account and it shows an interesting snapshot of the year so far. Other than the fact that I hit the start button of my Garmin 124 times, here are the stats.

I've run for 122 hours, with an average distance of 11.45K per run (wow). On average I run an hour each time but it's the long runs that skew things. My median runs are around 45 minutes.

I've burned 104,409 calories, which would have lost me 30 pounds. Guess I've been able to each that many extra calories cause I'm more or less the same weight (a few pounds lighter than earlier this year)

Anyhow, kinda cool, here are the rest of the stats.

Count: 124 activities
Distance: 1,419.35 km
Time: 121:59:14 hh:mm:ss
Elevation Gain: 59,743 m
Avg Speed: 11.6 km/h
Avg Heart Rate: 154 bpm
Avg Run Cadence: --
Avg Bike Cadence: --
Calories: 104,409 C
Avg Distance: 11.45 km
Median Distance: 8.83 km
Max Distance: 42.21 km
Avg Time: 00:59:01 hh:mm:ss
Median Time: 00:46:29 hh:mm:ss
Max Time: 03:24:11 hh:mm:ss
Avg Elevation Gain: 486 m
Median Elevation Gain: 363 m
Max Elevation Gain: 2,207 m
Elevation Loss: 63,293 m
Avg Elevation Loss: 515 m
Median Elevation Loss: 414 m
Max Elevation Loss: 2,177 m
Max Avg Speed: 15.3 km/h
Max Speed: 353.3 km/h
Max Avg Heart Rate: 165 bpm
Max Heart Rate: 207 bpm


Marky Mark said...

The weight part is interesting--do you think you eat more than you would have eaten without running? Or has your body adapted such that if you had to stop running for a period you would be at risk for massive weight gain?!

Marlene said...

Awesome stats! That is an insane amount of calories. We runners are big eaters. :)

Heather C said...

Agh, those watches can do so much more than I know. All I use it for is time, distance, and average pace :) ha, I've never even logged onto my account. oops.

that is a LOT of calories! kinda crazy to look at it from that angle.

Arcane said...

you'll have to teach me how you were able to get up to 353km/hr!

Marlene said...

RYC: Running clothes are a must. Backpacks not necessary, but we were loaded up with snacks, cameras, phones, pens, paper, maps etc.

I'm sure the pros can do it with much less "stuff".

Mel-2nd Chances said...

wow, those are some interesting numbers! speedy with your max of 353 km/hr! Impressive :)

yumke said...

Mark, I eat more I think because my body actually needs the fuel. I think when I'm off marathon training, I'm always at risk at eating more than I need.

Then I go into training mode and the diet turns really healthy. That's good.