Monday, November 30, 2009

2003 for 2009

Just finished synching my Garmin with my computer tonight and I've hit the 2000 mile mark (3200K) for the year with one month to go. It helped that I put in 25 miles in two days this past weekend in very decent weather. At this rate, I'll probably hit around 2100 to 2140, depending on how the holiday weeks go.

I'm trying not to think of this as the post-marathon season any more. In two weeks, the good old fun begins as I start to ramp up for Boston training. The schedule is looking merciful right now, considering I'm targetting a less aggressive 55 mile weekly peak (as opposed to the 70 mile peak this past summer's training.) Which means for the first five weeks of thon training will feel like the past month: decent mileage, but not overbearing amount. I'll be adding some pace and LT work and a few longer runs, not topping more than 13 miles over December.

Blogging is going to be pretty sparse over the next while -- won't be running any less, just when you hit the 974 post in four years (yes I started this blog in December 2005!) I still have material, but I can only write so much about these dark and cold late fall nights. Wait till the first snow, I'm sure it'll get me wanting to post something.

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