Sunday, March 28, 2010

Race done, taper begins

I didn't quite meet the first goal today, but can't be blamed for giving it a try. Was on pace for a 2:15 finish for today's Around the Bay 30K right until the 28th kilometre. It was close but I think a winter without tempo, trackwork and few pace runs caught up to me. I didn't go sub 2:20 but came right in there, with a 2:20:38.

Did I feel good and strong in the first 28 kilometres? Sure, felt great. In the end, I decided to call it a day so I wouldn't risk injury.

Boston! It's around the corner and today's race was the last long run. I know it's 18.6 miles but since I did most of it at strong pace, I reaped a lot of benefit.

I'll do a race report in a few days.

Here's the medal.

And here are the splits and map


tms said...

With Boston this close, there's certainly nothing wrong with playing it safe - especially after doing the hardest parts of the course at such an incredible pace!

Marky Mark said...

good call and well done!

Marlene said...

It takes guts to make the smart call sometimes. Looks like you had a great run out there. Congrats, and thanks for checking up on me. :)

I've got my half marathon and 30K.... no I'm going for the hat-trick. ;)

Boris T said...

Good call on playing it safe. No need to risk anything before the Boston. Still very respectable finishing time.

runshorts said...

I held back before Boston last year and I was glad I did ... three weeks is awfully close for an all out effort. I loved ATB this year - that's my kind of running weather!

Arcane said...

so close! Still a fairly good time.

prashant said...

Looks like you had a great run out there. Congrats,
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