Sunday, September 19, 2010

One month to go before marathon madness

This week proved to be pretty much perfect in terms of getting my miles in. I ran all seven days, threw in a few short recovery runs and one 7K run using my Vibram FiveFingers. Because of so many days in a row of running going back into the last week, I didn't really hit today's long run with speed in mind but distance.

Weather was perfect. Cold start, but I anticipated a warming up so I wore a singlet and wasn't disappointed two hours later when the sun was out. Perfect.

This week actually called for about 18 miles, but since I missed last week's long run due to illness, I made today a long one. By the way I was half way through, I decided that 20 miles could become 22.

So that's it, 22 miles with four weeks to the first of three marathons. Fitness isn't bad. Next week I have a half marathon that I'll add miles to after (or do some before), then the taper begins.

22.06 miles in 3:08:05


Q said...

Good luck with your half next week!


saucony shoes said...

Good luck on your running...
--Life is a constant change.

Marlene said...

What a great day for a run yesterday! Congrats on a solid week.

See you at Scotia!

EndorphinBuzz said...

After the summer's heat waves the cooler temperatures are really comfortable for us runners :)

yumke said...

Yep, Scotiabank it is. Hope the weather is good

Boris T said...

Good luck with the half!

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