Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday mornings

I've learned that to have the perfect runner's Sunday morning, you have to forgo the Saturday night. Oh well, the training schedule goes on. I had to be in bed early so I could hit the roads at 7 a.m. for my 17 miler. I wanted to be done well before 10 a.m. Something purposeful about having a date with a weekend morning, something nice about feeling fall weather for the first time in a long time, and something great about watching your shadow on the trails fall well ahead of you as the sun just barely makes it over the horizon.

Was great because clearly other marathoners are on the same vibe. Lots of marathon T-shirts were out on the trails as we were hunting for T-shirts instead of singlets. Cool air is awesome. Training enters its perfect phase now that we'll have fewer hot days than cool ones. Racing type ones.

It's done, 17 miles today, 50 for the week, and now I have the entire day ahead of me, coffee, dim sum and relaxing. And to think that many people are still in bed.

17 miles in 2:26.


Anonymous said...

I'll be damned - I didn't know Spot was in Toronto now! (I've got one within walking distance.)

Marlene said...

I love Sunday mornings... especially that feeling after the run is done!

yumke said...

Angryrunner, yep they opened a Spot a year and a bit ago near SkyDome/Rogers Centre. I looked them up and was surprised they were a mainly New York based chain. Coffee is actually very good.

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