Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to burn off a Double Down

And in non-running business, my buddy Peter, author of Sex, Bombs and Burgers, did his journalistic duty and ate a KFC Double Down and filmed the adventure. The sandwich came out in Canada this week and is getting an inordinate amount of press.

How many miles you need to run to burn one off? At 100 calories a mile, you've got a 8K run or 5 mile run ahead of you, not counting your pop and fries. Worth it? I don't think I'll be headed to KFC after one of my next long distance races.

Take it away, Pete.


Marky Mark said...

I think you have to run a mile just LOOKING at that clip.

Marlene said...

Does not appeal to me at all!

I'll have to watch the video at home with sound.

Arcane said...

I had one of these yesterday. It's nasty. Too salty and no flavor.

Patrick said...

It just looks nasty to me. I don't think I will be heading down to KFC for one either.

Marlene said...

You'll be a great pacer!!

Unfortunately we won't be in town... just showing up for the race. We have a Bday/Halloween party the night before and heading home after. I'll look out for you, but your race starts much later and I'm not sure we'll be hanging around much. Long drive home and Mark wants to run the rest of his mileage that afternoon.