Thursday, March 16, 2006


Well, I guess I could have waited until I had an even number, but I thought I would point out to myself that this is my 63rd blog entry since starting it in late December. Been pretty faithful to this blog, and I'm glad I did it instead of using my running diary. I just reread my postings and it's fun to look back and see and remember all the mileage.

Today was a memorable day. Another day closer to Spring but the weather is great. I literally crashed into another runner while I was running up Bathurst. I was reaching the end of a sidewalk and as I was reaching the intersection, another runner comes around the corner. We sorta hit the brakes at the same time but we still bump into each other. A quick 'sorry' and we're both on our way, a little wiser to the potential pitfalls of running on narrow sidewalks in Toronto.

That said, I did a 10K and as I write this (6:33 p.m.) it's still sunny. Thank God.

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