Monday, March 20, 2006

Time flies

As I reach my 500K for the year to date, I see my running year coming into focus. In less than two months, my racing season begins. I'm already signed up for a big May, with a 10K and a half marathon coming on two consecutive weeks. I'm expecting the Nike RunTO will come up in late May and I may have been talked into doing a run in June.

So far, I haven't been doing any real training. I don't know, don't feel like doing the intervals, etc., even though I know it's good for me. On the bright side, I do a lot of tempo runs and a few lighter pace runs.

Today, did 10K to Cherry again. I like that run because it is uninterrupted, relatively flat, unlike the city route, which has tonnes of opportunities to hit red lights and a slight incline. Also, the Cherry beach run has lots of wind or, rather, a lack of wind shelter. So it's a nice tough course in that respect.

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