Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Now back..

..to our regularly scheduled running blog.

Last week's total: 16K
Year to date as of last Sat: 488K

Anyways, the weather has changed dramatically since I last went out (a whole seven days ago..) A week ago, I had the trails mostly to myself, much like the entire winter. Today, it's crowded.. At least 15 runners were out there.. Which is good, cause I can chase down slower runners and have faster runners blow by me.. Did the Ontario Place 6K and back. Wicked run.

My calves, however, are hurting.. Lesson learned: standing all day in nice looking shoes that have no support is one thing, deciding to cap the long day with dancing in those supportless shoes is a whole another matter.

Back on the road. lots of mileage to make up this week cause I'm off to Paris/Berlin/Nice as of April 1 for two weeks. Now I have to fit in running in Paris.. ah, the life.

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