Friday, March 10, 2006

Running into friends...

So I bumped into Jelly, or rather, I ran behind her at city hall during my 10K run until she called out my name. She was walking home from the gym. Jelly, by the way, is the friend who talked me into doing the Chicago Marathon in October with her and Frank. I, in turn, am trying to talk her into doing the Mississauga half-marathon in May.

Jelly tells me she's run a few miles today. I think she says she's done 2.5 miles or something. Anyways, she reads this and I told her today I'd mention her in this log, so there. By the way, her name isn't Jelly. And I never call her that in person. I actually think Frank gave her that name -- long story, i'll let someone else tell it.

And meanwhile, my friend Fitzy emails me and tells me he did a 5K today, his first real run in 10 years. He's been a gym fanatic recently, and is showing amazing dedication to all things healthy, including eating better.

It's funny how I -- and my friends -- have learned to make time for fitness. All my old newspaper cohorts. We spent five years sitting in an underground office, eating badly, sitting in front of computers and exercising nothing but our typing fingers. The only cardio spent was holding chair races down the hall, or lifting the beer pitchers or beersteins (or stacks of newspapers on circulation morning, the caloric benefits of which were quickly negated by bacon, eggs and toast at the Studio restaurant). We've taken a long, slow road to recovery, logging the miles back into a healthy lifestyle.

Oh yeah, and Faz, one of the few people who I reads this blog, tells me she's running -- and cross country skiing out there in Calgary. To me, she remains the Yoga and Pilates Queen.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, haven't made the time to find a Pilates studio yet. :)
Ah, c'mon, somebody's reading this thing...

yumke said...

Yay, my first comment! Well, at least it'll be nice out soon enough for running ;)